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  • Charlotte Golar Richie will make history as Mayor because she will change this city for the better; she’s proven she can do it.” - Barbara Lee -

  • Charlotte represents Boston at its best!  She is exactly the type of leader and uniting force our city requires at this moment in history. - Bennie Wiley -

  • ...She has been an asset to Boston in countless ways and her record of achievement is extraordinary. She's a one-of-a-kind candidate and would make a one of a kind Mayor... - Tuskegee, Alabama Mayor Johnny Ford -

  • ...and with experience boosting job creation and helping small businesses grow, Charlotte is the kind of mayor we need to get things done in Boston. - Stephanie Schriock, President of EMILY’s List. -

  • I am pleased to join Charlotte’s campaign as a Senior Advisor. She’s an excellent candidate with deep roots in the community, rich experience in government and a vision for the city. - Prof. Charles Ogletree -

  • ...I hope you will stand with Charlotte and support her in ushering in a new united and inclusive Boston where every citizen can achieve his/her goals and dreams... - Colette Phillips -

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