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The Sandia Casino Breakfast Buffet

The Sandia Casino Breakfast Buffet is a great place to go if you are in the mood for great food and conversation. This place has everything from deli sandwiches, sandwiches with a dipping sauce, to omelets, all of which are well presented. All of the food is very good and the various types of omelets are among the best you will find anywhere.

sandia casino breakfast buffet

The buffet starts out with an appetizer. There is a variety of appetizers to choose from including salad, or bruschetta, soup, fritters, and even stuffed mushrooms. If you are not a fan of anything heavier, they also have a regular brunch bar menu. You will get omelets and a biscuit breakfast sandwich.

When it comes to starters, there is not one but two selections of Chinese chicken appetizers to choose from. You can get the spicy chicken or the regular chicken which is pretty good. It is very nice that they offer a choice between either.

For entrees, you have the Shrimp and Grits Barbeque Platter or the Traditional Bean Soup Bowl. Both are very tasty and you will love them both and the dish that you choose depends on your mood.

The restaurant also offers fried eggs served with the satin salt and pepper. They also offer a fruit basket with strawberries, bananas, and an apple and a chocolate fountain. Some people may even like to have the all you can eat pancakes.

You do not have to be a special occasion to enjoy these meals. Just because they are casual does not mean you have to be casual about it. If you are going out to dinner, then you do not want to eat something so heavy and you will like the dining here aswell.

As you can see, the Sandia Casino Breakfast Buffet can be a great place to start your day. Whether you are in the mood for breakfast or lunch, you will find something for you here. If you want to stay here all day and just dine on the off days, then you will be happy with the great service here.

The atmosphere is fun and bright and the furniture is classy, with some satin, and features the Sandia Pit Bull dog. You will be glad to have the experience of eating at this place.